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Landscape lighting is one of our favorite topics here at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Virginia Beach, and we think it will become one of yours. Once you see the stunning effects of landscape lighting on your property, you won’t be able to stop talking about it. Our advice: host a party at your home so everyone you know can come over after dark and see the beauty of it.

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But, we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Before you can show off your landscape lighting, you’ll need to have it designed and installed. Let’s back up to walk through the process of having Outdoor Lighting Perspectives design and install professional landscape lighting. We take care of all the hard work, but we do need to consult with you about your lighting preferences.

My preferences? you’re thinking. You may think you don’t know enough about landscape lighting to have preferences. Once we walk around your yard with you, however, and talk about the various lighting possibilities, you’ll begin to get a feel for the process. That’s good!

The Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Landscape Lighting Design Process Begins

The first step is the one where you call us on 757-201-9042 to set the appointment for a lighting design consultation. We’ll come and meet with you at your home. Note: We arrive on time! We’ll talk for a bit about what landscape lighting is and what your goals are. Then we’ll walk around the yard with you to look it over and start focusing on specifics.

Each home and yard is unique, so each of our landscape lighting designs is unique as well. As we walk around your property, we’ll ask you to point out your favorite elements. Do you have a rose garden you’ve nurtured, a bank of azaleas, or a swath of lilies? Is there a spectacular tree—or more than one—that you want to highlight? We need to be selective in this process because too much outdoor lighting is not effective.

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What Else Goes Into Planning a Landscape Lighting Design?

Our lighting design for your property includes more than flowers and trees, but that’s a good starting point. Notice that we haven’t mentioned whether these items are in the front yard or back yard. Ideally we’ll balance the added illumination throughout the front and back. The front yard greets you when you come home at night, and it contributes to nighttime curb appeal—which some homeowners overlook. Your neighbors driving by will admire the beauty of your home, and your guests will feel welcomed by landscape lighting in your front yard. But don’t neglect the back of your home! Lighting for the back yard is designed especially for you to increase your enjoyment of favorite areas in the back.

In addition to gardens and special trees, here are some other elements that might be included in your custom landscape lighting design plan:

• Path lighting

As we walk around and look for areas that might benefit most from illumination, path lighting is a consideration. We’ll look for walkways from the driveway to the front door, from the garage around to the back of the house, from the house to the pool, deck or patio. Do you have a path made of stepping stones? Stepping stones can shift and become uneven, so we always recommend path lighting there. Path lighting can also illuminate a row of shrubs along your driveway. Increased safety is one purpose of path lighting, and defining the boundaries of an area is another.

• Lighting for outdoor living spaces

Landscape lighting does wonders for your deck, patio or pool area. Nobody wants too much light in these spaces, but a little bit of light, strategically placed, will accomplish two purposes: increase safety and create ambiance. We use outdoor lighting fixtures created specifically to accomplish these goals. With lighting around your outdoor living areas, you’ll find that you gravitate toward them at night and your use of these areas will increase exponentially. How about a midnight swim?

• Water features, fire features and statues

A trickling fountain or pond gains a whole new dimension when gently illuminated at night. You might think fire features don’t need to be illuminated, since they cast their own light, but additional lighting shows off the structural beauty of an outdoor fireplace even when it’s not being used. If you have statues in your yard, they will demand to be included in your landscape lighting design, and that is true for other types of art in your yard as well. Outdoor art, illuminated in the evening, is especially dramatic and impressive.

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Advance Directly to Installation or Pause for a Free Nighttime Demonstration?

Once our professional lighting designer has completed the design for your landscape lighting, it’s time for the installation. However, if you’re not completely certain you want to proceed, we can schedule a free nighttime demonstration for you. We will bring temporary lighting to your home and approximate the design plan we have created for you. We’ll schedule this appointment just before sunset so we can set everything up, and once darkness falls, we’ll turn on the lights and let you see what your design will look like. The effects of landscape lighting are amazing, and sometimes you just have to see it to believe it. Remember, our design consultation and nighttime lighting demonstration are free, with no obligation on your part.

What questions can we answer for you about landscape lighting in Virginia Beach? Outdoor Lighting Perspectives offers the best warranty protection in the industry, and our Annual Maintenance Plan is included with your first year of service.

To find out why Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Virginia Beach is the most trusted landscape lighting company in Virginia Beach, and surrounding areas, call us today at 757-201-9042, email us at or fill out the form to the upper right. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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